poutine looks like the most disgusting shit in the world idek why u guys eat that fuck it looks like u took the puss out of an infected blister or some shit and stuck that on a bunch of fries wtf is wrong with y’all


Please don’t let that person cross the border and come into Quebec.

But its true

But it’s delicious.

Now veggie burgers and tofu, that shit looks nasty.

Poutine is like the fry dish that had good intentions but failed in execution.

"Look at these delicious fries. What can we put on them? What about cheese? No, not melted, American cheese. Chunks of cheese curds. Yes! Lets just mix these fries with this gross looking, flavorless cheese. Now lets finish this dish with a sauce. No, not tomato based! What about a brown gravy? Yes, perfect! A heavy, brown gravy that looks like voided bowels. Now this entire dish will look like the inside of a port-a-potty. And it will be our national dish."

-A French-Canadian Chef, probably.